PartPic. Entrepreneurship doesn't have a stereotype. One Great Story

Featured by The Verge on Small Empires is the amazing story of PartPic, a small technology startup based in Atlanta who have developed a novel way of solving the gaps in the spare part selection process. This is a tale of one driven black girl with a smart idea who meets other brilliant young engineers and then makes magic happen.

Don't know the name of that funny looking part you need to complete the DIY plumbing job? No worries, just pop out that smartphone and send the image to PartPic.
PartPic Part Selection Process

There are no limits on potential if you dare to believe. Sacrifice and persist. Go for it, even when the odds are against you.

Who knows if their project will spawn into the next mega business? I don't but what I do know is that they have won just by trying and making it this far.