Internet Balkanization and the demise of net neutrality by 2025?

Yes! If the predictions of The Verge are realized and the fears identified by The Pew Research Center come to fruitition.

Based on recent global trends that have been quick to reach even the waters of the Caribbean this has already started and the most pessimistic observers' trepidations may come to pass a lot sooner than 2025. All of us who enjoy and derive benefit from the open nature of the current internet infrastructure and services should not become complacent. Vigilance is needed and pressure has to be maintained on both corporations and governments to keep the present rules in place that enhance and not hinder the free exchange of data.

The open internet is not an inevitability and indeed many early ISPs a la Compuserve and AOL had proprietary and closed communities that did not provide the open experience that we have come to expect today.

What are your worse fears about the future of the Internet? What will you do about it?