Overview of the Open Source Subscription Model with Red Hat

Not so long ago enterprises were suspicious of Open Source and would not trust it with their mission critical environments. Thankfully, this has changed and open source technologies developed by the community now power many services and are right at home in the enterprise and everywhere else for that matter.

However, the question now frequently asked especially as organizations try to become more efficient by reducing costs is why should they not just use the community versions of products? What additional value is being added by vendors to otherwise freely available software? Therefore, I have decided to do a small whiteboard video to help answer this question and show exactly where the additional value is being created.

redhat will be used for this example and I will walk you through what benefits are delivered to an end customer when they purchase a subscription to open source software.

Also, for those not familiar with the breadth of products being delivered the below video might prove useful. Even though its focused on redhat's portfolio all the other partners and vendors as innovating in this space as well.

Of course, one is always free to use the community versions and support these products themselves in house if they have those deep technical skills at their disposal. But let's make sure that decision is being made from an informed perspective. Hopefully this brought some clarity and answered the question of why people pay for free software.