Edge of Tomorrow teaches Businesses to Try. Fail. Fail Faster. Repeat.

Spoiler Alert! Recently released action flick Edge of Tomorrow delivers an unexpected dose of fun and intrigue while also teaching us a few business lessons along the way.

In a summer that has been lacking quality and hits of any kind from the action genre (Ok. Maybe there were a few) enjoying this film has been an unexpected surprise. This is particularly interesting since for the majority of this movie the audience is only treated to, and expected to endure for that matter, a never ending loop of the first action sequence. The film makers make no bones about this fact and are quite open in the media releases regarding this bit of the storyline and you are pre-warned from the trailer.

Essentially this is Ground Hog Day all over again. Except this time, it's not about becoming a better person. This time, it's all action, it's all survival, it's all about killing some super aliens or getting killed continually in the process and ofcourse, trying to get the girl. Best of all it's good and good.

Tom Cruise, our star here, teaches us the first lesson himself. If you fail the first time, yes, we are talking about and looking straight at you Oblivion. Try again and you will succeed.

However, while the movie was a thrill and a good trip. Here are the real points worth taking away.

Go for it.

No matter the odds. It is always worth trying. If you believe in it you should go ahead and just do it! Don't you dare give up before the race has even started.

You will fail.

Your first idea will die. Miserably. Learn from it. Sometimes even the best plans are no match for reality.

Fail even faster the next time

You are likely to fail again. That's ok. However, if you must fail. Fail quickly. Notice how quickly Emily Blunt shoots Tom in the head each time? Remember those Lean Startup principles.


Entrepreneurs need determination and plenty of it. Be prepared to repeat yourself. No matter how many times you get knocked down. Jump back in for more punishment.

Being right is not enough. You must convince others.

Just because you have the best product or the greatest ideas does not mean you will succeed. Even if you are the smartest and work the hardest this is still true. Whether it be to top management, new custmers, or yourself, you have got to sell your plan and convince others to support you. Without 'buy in' it is unlikely that your project will get very far. You will need that gravitas from the top on occasion to get that momentum and those key ingredients.

You need a team.

Having a team makes a difference. Don't think you can win it alone. Find the right teammates and the odds of victory skyrocket.

Now for a few extras

Enjoy the media and trailer below to get a glimpse of what people and we are raving on about.

Alpha Mimic

Above is one of the biggest and scariest mimics and the best butt kicking monster to have graced a screen for some time. Humanity is totally out matched when up against this thing.

mimic ready for blood

What would you do if you came face to face with this creature?

face to face with a mimic

When your backs against the wall. Go all out.


Sometimes even the best plans go awry.


Here is the Official trailer for those who haven't seen it as yet.

Watch the movie. Go buy a ticket when this is showing at a cinema near you and enjoy some alien ass kicking. Humanity will sure breathe a sigh of relief if we make it through this one.

And to top it off below are a few concepts from Forrest Reid Bailey as well as artist Kevin Jenkins of Thor: The Dark World fame.

Photo by Kevin Jenkins

Photo by Kevin Jenkins

Photo by Kevin Jenkins

Photo by Kevin Jenkins

alpha mimic

Photo by Forrest Reid Bailey