Hollywood didn't you know? Online is the way to go

Cinemas need to reject movies more often as their refusal to show "The Interview" has finally forced the Hollywood studios to embrace alternative methods of distribution. Yes, the cinemas are partners but Hollywood your real customers are us the viewers. It's about time you use all avenues to get to us.

The truth is I don't think it is the business model that is the problem. The online model is profitable and has been viable for sometime now. There is a reason that it is Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft and Google pioneering streaming and not the likes of Sony, HBO or CBS etc.

For too long the content providers and media houses have been operating with a "if it ain't broken don't fix it" mindset. Too afraid of the technological unknown and too lazy to try new methods. The problem is the old model is already cracking at the seams. Studios, don't be cowards anymore. North Korea shouldn't need to hack you or Obama embarass you for you to try something different. Be as creative as the storytellers and directors.

Surprise me next time!

Also don't try to control what we watch, where we can watch it, how we can watch, what timezone or which country we can watch it in. Those methods belong in the playbooks of regimes and dictators that will not be named here. Ofcourse, you are by no means like these despots. Your objective is profiteering and I understand and respect that. I simply don't think the Cinema then DVD then Cable then Streaming route is necessarily the most profitable way all the time. Come on it's nearly the year 2015. I am just saying...

James and Seth Waiting in The Interview
Photo by The Dallas Morning News.

Until then i'm going to keep waiting like Seth and James.

Oh my! Look at the time. When it finally releases where I am outside the USA maybe the cinemas will reject it too because by then nobody will care and it won't make them any money anyway. I will just have to watch it online one way or the other.

And for those of you who do watch it. Drop me a line in the comments below and let us all know if it's worth the time.