No More Waiting. More Cheers to 2016!

Happy New Year Everyone! Kicking off the year on a lighter note so I will forgo the usual tutorial post for now and begin with something different. Instead, to start things off let us just reflect on the fact that you can now binge watch from anywhere on the globe because #netflixeverywhere.

Ain't it amazing, even if you happen to live in a country where people have to endure struggles like those of the children in On the Way to School that despite such challenges of remoteness as long as there is internet access for the most part and in most places you can stream and be instantly connected and entertained like the rest of us.

Thankfully, this year looks set to make restrictions and frustrations increasingly rare. The irony in all this is that people will still need VPNs and may even accelerate setting them up as the urge to switch libraries remains as not all content blocks will be eliminated by this globalization of distribution. In fact, other forms of censorship and limitation problems will arise as the nature of the accessibility issue changes.

However, at least it is getting easier to put any content delivered via the internet no matter where it originates on your television set regardless of how dump or smart the box. So embrace the conveniences of the modern age and take a pause to raise a glass again to the year 2016 and future binge eras to come.