Broadcasting sans Radio. How to Podcast

Words are powerful. Nevertheless, conveying meaning via written text alone can occasionally be insufficient. In instances like these, the spoken word offers us another medium that can be far more influential and efficient.

Audio when utilized properly allows us to reach a broader audience in a concise and impactful manner. It may not be as long lasting but it can certainly enhance the fidelity of the thought while also being rich and entertaining. Podcasting, the distribution on the internet of a programme over multiple small audio files usually in mp3 format, is one such effective way for any budding online publisher to broadcast their voice and be heard.

Before we get started be sure to cover the basics and actually think about the content and what you intend to speak on. Write an outline. It helps! Also like the folks in twitter land and the team @spreaker suggested it's better to clear your throat. Clarity is the name of the game, raspy just won't cut it.

Great! Now that we got the basics out of the way we will talk about the technical details i.e the hardware, where to find inspiration, how to edit and what software to use, how you can keep going, the services available for distribution and finally what you can learn from the whole process.

As this is all about podcasting, what better way to explain podcasting than to podcast about podcasting? Exactly. If you didn't at the start of the article then listen to us talk below with Andrew from gmanReviews about his setup, how he has kept improving his broadcast and what he has learnt from casting about movies since 2008.

Thanks for listening. Check out a few pictures from the home studio below.Audacity Audacity Recording Software. Levelator Leveling it up with "The Levelator" Mics Noise Cancelling Microphones Mixer Mixing the streams from the multiple Microphones Amplifier Boosting our sound by Amping it up.