Don't Focus on the Rattling Spaceship

I've been working at hyper growth tech companies for just over 2 years now, and the experience has changed my life and outlook on the world. There is a common addage that a quarter at a growth tech is like a year anywhere else. I've found this pace of growth true, professionally and personally.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that when you're racing towards an audacious goal or accomplishing something truly difficult everything won't be perfect and some things will break. In most cases if something isn't breaking you're not pushing hard enough or moving fast enough. One of the strong differentiatiors of the success in Silicon Valley and at hyper growth tech companies is that the mission and the dedication to achieving it are so strong that the imperfections elsewhere are ignored.

In short when you're speeding to the moon as fast as possible you don't care about the broken toilet, flickering lightbulb or that you've run out of free snacks. You set your sights on the target, focus on the important metrics and push forward relentlessly.